Speech on New Year's Day 2021

Release time:2020-12-31 11:36


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Dear customers, friends from all walks of life, and employees

       Dear customers, friends from all walks of life, and employees

       Hello everyone! On the occasion of the new year, on behalf of Yantai Oriental Industry Group, I would like to extend my sincere greetings to friends from all walks of life! I wish you a happy New Year and a healthy family!

        2020 is an unusual year.  COVID-19 has hit the whole world. The adverse economic situation and business environment have created difficulties and challenges for Oriental Group. It is gratifying to note that all Oriental people have worked together to overcome difficulties and forge ahead by adhering to the corporate spirit of "dedication, devotion, responsibility and loyalty", in the warm embrace of the motherland, under the wise leadership of the Communist Party of China, and with the support of friends from all walks of life.

       In 2021, Yantai Oriental Industry Group will continue to take love and hope, stick to faith, be brave in exploration. Let innovation and cooperation as the driving force for the development of Oriental Group, march forward bravely!

       We are grateful to the motherland and the Party and friends from all walks of life for their support. We will work together to create a better future!

Chairman of Yantai Oriental Industry Group: Ms. Qiao Jinli

December 31, 2020