Asset Management Sector

Asset Management sector, as an important part in the diversified development of Yantai Oriental Industry Group in recent years, has developed rapidly in industry real estate leasing and property management.

Oriental industry Park Introduction

Yantai Oriental industry Park is located at No. 8, Beijing South Road, Yantai Economic and Technology Development Area. The project covers an area of 800 mu with a superior geographical location. It is adjacent to national road 206 and only 3.5 kilometers to the highway intersection. The project preparation work was started in October 2006. Construction officially started in March 2007 and put into use at the end of 2008. There are 36 industry plants in Phase I and Phase II industry Park, with a total building area of 200000 square meters; apartment and staff's family building 120000 square meters; restaurants, gymnasiums and other supporting facilities 5000 square meters; office building 15000 square meters, with an average rental rate of more than 95%. Yantai Oriental industry Park has become the largest comprehensive industry park in Shandong Province. At present, more than 60 large and medium-sized enterprises have settled in the park. The main customer groups include metal product fabrication, large-scale mechanical processing, automobile industry, electronic industry, and large-scale logistics. Yantai Oriental industry Park will continue to improve service quality by optimizing industry chain, expanding business scope, and upgrading ancillary facilities.

Yantai Oriental industry Park Phase I

Yantai Oriental industry Park Phase I covers an area of more than 280 mu. There are 18 single-layer steel structure plants, with single building area ranging from 3000 ㎡ to 12000 ㎡; Each plant has equipped with a 1000 m2 auxiliary office building; The floor height is from 11m to 13m; Automatic sliding door; The plant is equipped with crane driving beam, water, electricity and network. 21m width main road in the park connects 206 National Road and Xiamen Street, which can meet requirement for manufacturing and machining industries. There is one office building with an area of 15000 square meters. All rooms are finely decorated and equipped with elevators. The building has an indoor activity center, a banquet hall, high-end restaurant and hotels.

Yantai Oriental industry Park Phase I Rainbow Street

Rainbow street project is located at No. 8, Beijing South Road. There are 15 office buildings with single building 1200 m2, which can be used as incubator office, maker space, office, etc.

Yantai Oriental industry Park Phase II

Yantai Oriental Industry Park Phase II Covers an area of more than 420 mu. industry park phase II has 18 steel-concrete structure plants, with a building area ranging from 3000 m2 to 12000 m2; The floor height of the plant is 11m to 13m; Equipped with rolling shutter door; Factory building is equipped with completed crane beams, water, electricity and network. Road width in the park is 24 meters, which is suitable for production, machining, logistics, etc. There are 7 office apartments. Industry Park Phase II has supermarkets, clinics, activity centers, restaurants, hardware stores, etc.

Oriental Industry Park Phase II Apartment

There are 9 apartments buildings in Oriental Industry Park Phase II, with a total area of 100000 square meters. The apartment building is a 7-story building with elevators; Apartments are divided into 45 ㎡ single rooms and 75 ㎡ suites. All rooms are well decorated and equipped with furniture; With complete water and electricity facilities and sufficient parking spaces, it is suitable for staff dormitories, home care centers, offices, commerce, scientific research, hotels and other projects.

Oriental International Business Center Project

Oriental International Business Center project is located on the Yangtze River Road adjacent to the largest mountain park in Yantai Economic and Technology development Area, Fulai Mountain Park. The project has 4 high-rise buildings, 2 of which have 32 floors and 2 of which have 28 floors. There are 1722 apartment in total with well decorated single apartment from 47 to 105 square meters. This project is close to No. 9 Primary School. We can enjoy golden sand beach sea view and the scenic Fulai Mountain Park.

Oriental International Podium Building

Designed by Hong Kong designers, it is committed to creating high-end complex, with environmental protection decoration, fresh air system, central air conditioning, automatic fire alarm system, plastic floor, water bar, etc. It is suitable for education and training, office work, physical examination, home care center, etc