Proposal for Promoting Frugality

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The President proposed to increase income and reduce expenditure in 2021 Summary and Commendation Conference.

      Dear colleagues:

      Happy New Year!

      The President proposed to increase income and reduce expenditure in  2021 Summary and Commendation Conference.

      At the beginning of 2021, Enterprise Management Department issued an initiative to all employees to "strictly practice thrift and oppose extravagance and waste". After a year, all employees are again required to take action immediately to practice thrift, and contribute wisdom and strength to the construction of a conservation oriented enterprise. Managing level staff should set an example to strictly abide by the regulations.

      1. Establish correct cost saving mind. We should firmly establish a sense of saving, and vigorously carry forward hard work and thrift tradition. Everyone is responsible for developing the habit of thrift, focusing on persistence and practicing thrift.

      2. Water saving. Make rational use of water resources, avoid turning on the faucet without people on site, and make daily water flow slowly to improve water resources utilization. After using water or when the faucet drips, it shall be shut down in time, and the damaged water equipment shall be reported for repair in time.

      3. Electrical Energy Saving. The office shall make full use of natural light during the day to minimize the power consumption. Turn off the lights and air conditioners when off duty or when no one is around, and eliminate permanent lighting in offices and public areas to reduce energy consumption. When office closed, all kinds of electrical equipment shall be turned off in time to reduce the standby power consumption. Office appliances shall be used reasonably, and the air conditioning temperature shall be within the specified range (employees on the second floor office building are strictly prohibited from taking the elevator ).

      4. Save meals. Everyone shall receive the food as needed. When entertaining customers and having dinners, it shall order meals reasonably to avoid extravagance and waste. It is hard to get a porridge and a meal when thinking about it; A wisp of perseverance is hard to find.

      5. Save paper and other office supplies. The paperless office is promoted, and daily documents are transmitted through Dingding office system; When printing documents, please confirm all information is correct before printing; The company's internal documents shall be printed double-sided paper and reasonable typesetting. Reusable office supplies must be reused, such as a refillable signature pen. Reduce the use of disposable items, such as disposable paper cups. Managing staff at all levels shall strictly approve daily office supplies, and the warehouse keeper shall reasonably control the quantity of office supplies. Office supplies shall be purchased reasonably to reduce expenses.

      6. Petrol Saving. When going out for official business, it is recommended to travel together; Drivers should develop good driving habits and refuel slowly at moderate speed; Set appropriate temperature when using air conditioner; Take good care of vehicles to reduce maintenance costs.

      7. Live frugally. It shall be cultivate good personal habits to consume reasonably and moderately, not blindly compare with others, not consume in advance, advocate green travel. It shall try to walk, ride a bike or take public transport when going out. Reduce the use of disposable items such as paper cups and fast food boxes to avoid resource waste and environmental pollution.

       8. Other frugal method. In daily work there are many ways to save cost:  accounting of positive and negative tolerances during material production and processing, surplus generated by cutting adjustment; Rationality of personnel quota and post allocation in each department, reduce the cost of human resources; Compare price before purchasing; Reasonably reuse the idle materials such as auxiliary materials and packaging materials, and recycle waste materials generated; Management of low value consumables, maintenance of equipment and facilities and improvement of service life. These are all frugality within our capability. We should abandon the idea that "this is our department's expense". The department's money is also the company's money. All departments should be prudent. Saving is not only a kind of consciousness, but also a kind of ability. Economy can reflect everyone's comprehensive ability and moral cultivation, and it is an important manifestation of the sense of ownership.

      9. Thrifty is a virtue, and more it is a responsibility. Let us turn thrift into a habit and form a good atmosphere of "saving is glorious, wasting is shameful". The Enterprise Management Department will work with you to implement the daily frugality work. You are also welcome to supervise each other.

Yantai Oriental Industry Group

February 7, 2022