Faith and courage, challenges and opportunities

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——Yantai Oriental Industry Group 2021 Spring Festival Annual Meeting and 2020 Summary and Commendation Meeting...

——Yantai Oriental Industry Group 2021 Spring Festival Annual Meeting and 2020 Summary and Commendation Meeting

       The golden mouse bid farewell to the old year, golden bull ushered in the spring! 2020 is an extraordinary year. Inspired by the enterprise spirit of "Dedication, Devotion, Responsibility and Loyalty", Yantai Oriental Industrial Group has achieved good business results through hard work. The three sectors meetings in 2020 will be held separately.


       On February 7, 2021, Yantai Oriental Industry Group actively responded to the relevant policies during the epidemic, the annual summary and commendation conference uses the mode of management staff on-site participation, and branches video participation. The meeting kicked off in the National Anthem.

       At the conference, honorary employees, outstanding employees, employees with special contributions and outstanding anti epidemic workers in 2020 were awarded. The honorary certificates were issued, and the award-winning employees were invited to share their work experience and give their acceptance speeches.


        Chairman Qiao Jinli delivered an important speech entitled "Both faith and courage, challenges and opportunities coexist".


       We firmly believe that under the leadership of the chairman, Yantai Oriental Industrial Group will take all challenges as the driving force to stimulate our progress. With full enthusiasm and gratitude, we will set sail calmly towards glory! The New Year is coming. I wish Yantai Oriental Industry Group and all its friends good luck in the New Year and a prosperous New Year! Again, I wish you all success in your work and happiness in your family. I wish you all a happy New Year !

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February 7, 2021